DJ’s wanted (Sync or Alive)

A new year has started and we wish all of you a happy and musical year. We at time4trance invite you to join us on stage. Each week in the second hour of the show we give upcoming dj and producers an opportunity to promote themselves. So Time4Trance is looking for new guestmixes in the show.


We invite you to send us an e-mail via: with the following data:

  • Artist name;
  • Social profiles;
  • Soundcloud or Mixcloud set.

If you are a dutch dj / producer we can also meet in the studio for a live guestmix.

Single-genre producing and DJ-ing, what are your thoughts?

Sure I understand it is more marketable to be a single-genre Producer and DJ. But it seems this is just at first. I see some big dj’s struggle to break free from that genre straightjacket they where put in. I myself can’t decide and when thinking about it, do not want to decide. My first and biggest love was (and is) Trance and in particular the Uplifting kind. Later on I grew to love Techno and Tech House but lately I am very inspired by Funky House. But I also enjoy a good dubstep set by Skrillex or Nero. And as a music lover I occasionaly enjoy some heavy metal or a nice classic piece. Lees verder “Single-genre producing and DJ-ing, what are your thoughts?”