FAWZY & Han Beukers – Realm of Melodies

Release schedule 2021

  • On the first of Januari 2021 a new vocal track called “Agnieszka” with Fawzy & Angel Falls was released on We Are Trance;
  • On februari 19th a new collab with Fawzy called Realm Of melodies will be released on Trancespired Recordings;
  • My very special track FlauweKul is Flauwekul in honor of my Dad who sadly passed away in oktober 2020 will be released on februari 29th Legacy of Trance Recordings This release will come will no more than 13 remixes;
  • I recently did a remix for the track Let’s not Wait by Christopher Corrigan. This remix will be released later this year;
  • I am very proud to tell you that later this year a beautiful and dreamy new track called Exlunda will be released may 14th 2021 on Heavens’Gate.


I get alot of inspiration from music and especially Trance. I hope you enjoy the tracks, mixes and livesets I post here. I love to hear your thoughts on them: