Han Beukers - Elpis (Pandora's Theme) EP

Release schedule 2020

  • May 1st was the release day of Euphrosyne (Theme of Joy) released on Entrancing which received massive support from Paul van Dyk, Nathalie Gioia, Roman Messer and many others;
  • July 1 st my debut Solo EP Elpis (Pandora’s Theme) was released on Nrgized Audio
  • July 6 my first vocal Collab with FAWZY and Nuttalya calles Eternal Resistance was released on State Control ;
  • July 10th the album Inpsired volume 2 was released and it contained a massive remix from Anthem Of The Ancient Kingdom and my Remix of Johnny E’s – Trance Nation;
  • In November 2020 a new vocal track with Fawzy & Angel Falls will be released on We Are Trance;
  • In October 2020 my second solo track will be released on Entrancing

The first track

My first track together with FAWZY was released on Trancespired recordings in december 2019. The proceeds for this track were donated to the Make a Wish Founddation so Your support is much appreciated

Anthem for the ancient Kingdom on beatport


I get alot of inspiration from music and especially Trance. I hope you enjoy the tracks, mixes and livesets I post here. I love to hear your thoughts on them: