Anthem of the Ancient Kingdom

Been waiting so long for this moment and now it is finally here and I am so excited!!!
My first track together with FAWZY released on Trancespired recordings is now avalailable for on beatport. The proceeds for this track will be donated to the Make a Wish Founddation so Your support is much appreciated

Anthem for the ancient Kingdom on beatport

2020 will bring you lots more music from me on labels such as Entrancing, State Control and Nrgized Audio


I get alot of inspiration from music and especially Trance. I hope you enjoy the tracks, mixes and livesets I post here. I love to hear your thoughts on them:

Passion for Progressive & Trance – Februari 24th 2018

Trance Academy Capelle a/d IJssel – Februari 2nd 2018

Have Faith in Trance Winston Churcill Club Rijswijk, December 15th 2017

Tropi Trance Bar,  San Antoni Ibiza, – August 25th 2017