My discography consists of collabs and solo tracks aswel as 2 compilation albums and a yearmix album. Please feel free to explore my music below as released from 2019 until now.

The original for this track Ibiza Flowers by Grande Piano was elected as the anthem for the Amsterdam Dance Mission 2022.

It was an honor to do this progressive remix for my Polish friend.

It is great to return to Progressive Vibes Music with a new wonderful tune. This is Petrichor, the word for the smell of a rainstorm that follows after a dry summer day. This track is a deep progressive trance track with that feeling of a summer rain after a dry day.

March 31 2022 – Release on Beatport
April 14th 2022 – Release all stores

There are times when we could all use a little pick-me-up. Music has the power to lift up your spirits. This new track ‘Spring Breeze’ is such a happy go lucky track and i hope it brings you back to happy times in the spring. Ofcourse it is no coincidence that Progressive Vibes Music is releasing this track on may 9th.

On Januari 14th 2022 this beautiful new track called Paeonia will be released on We Are Trance.

Just as the beautiful perennial Peony (Paeonia) should not be missing in a romantic garden. This beautiful, uplifting trance track should not be missing in your sets in 2022.

This release will be under our new project Eternal Elevation.

December 27th 2021 was my last release for that year. But what a release. My first solo progressive trance track.

Everyone has one or more Ikigai: A passion worth living for. It consists of two parts: Iki = living or Alive and Kai = an effect, result or value. In other words, what makes your life worth living?

On November 12th 2021 this massive Hel:sløwed remix, of our track Warriors with Waves on Waves, was released on Rave Up Alley.

My good friend Misja Helsloot (Half of the Hel:sløwed project) played it on A State of Trance 1043. As a result the support for this track went thru the roof.

Next up on RaveUp Records is the vocal collab with Chris Sevier from Waves on Waves. This energetic vocal uplifter is track that we signed a while back and just now saw the daylight. Enjoy and let us know what you think. Later this month a massive progressive remix by Hel:sløwed will be released for this track.

Next up on Nahawand is the beautiful ‘Uxorem’ which means wife in Latin, Han Beukers dedicated this track to his wife, which captures her raw purity, energy, and beauty.
You could trick yourself into believing you’re listening to a track from the golden age of Uplifting Trance. Rich arpeggios, magical plucks, and translucent strings will leave you wanting more. Be sure to get your hands on this musical masterpiece.

These are challenging times for most of us but when I read a quote saying “social distance is a luxury for many people in poor countries”. It motivated me to write the lyrics for this track. Together with my good friend Fawzy and Akire we re-wrote these lyrics so we could use them in this beautiful track Mohamed had produced.

You can imagine I was super elated when Full on 140 (the sublabel of Suanda wanted to sign the track. Thanks are extended to the legend Roman Messer as well!
On august 27th it will be released so go check it out and remember

We are all created equal, we need to do this together

JOMO is short for the Joy of Missing Out, or enjoying what you’re doing in each moment without worrying about what everyone else is doing.
During the past lockdowns we have had the pleasure to dial down our tempo and learn that there is always something to enjoy in every situation we are in. Just Press Play on the At the sea intro mix and imagine yourself sipping on a cocktail by the ocean.

Coming to you in a summerish Intro Mix and a fierce Clubmix, Han Beukers delivers a fantastic follow up to his Holiday at Hintergarden and his seminal Flauwekul Is Flauwekul.

Cover remix Let's Not wait the remixes by Han Beukers
Let’s Not Wait the remixes

The track Let’s Not Wait by Christopher Corrigan was remixed by none other that Hazem Beltagui, MakeFlame, Paul ICZ and Han Beukers and will be released May 25th on Beatport.

Cover Exlunda by Fawzy & Han Beukers

Exlunda means From the Heavens and so it is no surprise that it is released on Woody van Eydens label HeavensGate on May 14th.

We received early support by Solarstone, Alex Morph, Paddy Kelly and many more…

Cover Flauwekul is Flauwekul
Flauwekul is Flauwekul

The track Flauwekul is Flauwekul is made in honor of my dad Adriaan Beukers who passed away Oktober 27th, 2020. It was released on Legacy of Trance recordings and as a guard of honor they asked 13 producers / friends to make a remix of this beautiful track. The track received lots of early support and recently ranked number 1 in the iTunes Trance chart in Italy

Cover Realm of melodies
Realm of Meldies

Our first release as trance duo was on Trancespired recordings and now we are back with this breathtaking new track ‘Realm of Melodies’ On remix duties we have none other than the master of enchanting, progressive grooves and melodic atmospheres; Matt Leger, the man turned an uplifter to a perfect warm-up set candidate to any professional DJ.

Cover Agnieszka

We are very proud to release this track on We Are Trance. Announced bt the label as a fantastic Uplifting collaboration ‘ Agnieszka ‘ from FAWZY & Angel Falls with Han Beukers which energetic vibes in abundance with powerful drum patterns, driving bass working sensual vocals, electric guitars and an intense peaktime lead.

Cover Eelevation official anthem Time4Trance 250
Elevation (Official Anthem for Time4Trance #250)

Elevation is the Official Anthem for Time4Trance #250 and a huge, high-energy uplifter. It is released on Digital Euphoria

Featuring a massive production and atmosphere, the track includes an epic breakdown, and it centers on a powerful-yet-upbeat melody and lots of movement throughout.

For peak-time on the dancefloor, ‘Elevation’ is what you’re looking for.

Cover Aglaea

My solo track Aglaea was released on entrancing relentless.

Aglaea is the Greek goddess of beauty, splendor, glory, magnificence, and adornment. Aglaea is also Euphrosyne’s sister and the youngest of the Charites.
This track is the sequeal to Euphrosyne.

On remix duties we have a real rising star within our scene! Getting some serious support from the biggest names in the scene, including multiple plays during multiple shows of the legendary A State Of Trance show by Armin van Buuren. I was very proud Steve Dekay did this remix. Together we received massive support from Paul van Dyk and many more.

Cover Holiday at Hintergarten
Holiday at Hintergarten

My original version is one energetic affair that teases the melody almost right from the start. A soothing piano takes you by the hand and leads you gently to the break. But with an uplifting and infectious energy.
The break introduces the full melody and leads. They build up to where the strings are being introduced and lift you up before the beat kicks back in. Being a very energetic track, the melody keeps everything in check and makes sure that the original mix is high octane, but soothing aftersummer trancer.

On remix duties we have a future favourite on our hands. A real rising star within our scene! Getting some serious support over last couple of months from the biggest names in the scene, including multiple plays during multiple shows of the legendary A State Of Trance show by Armin van Buuren.

It’s safe to say that i was thrilled to have Vinny DeGeorge remix this track!

Cover EP Elpis
EP – Elpis (Pandora’s Theme) includes Perseverance

All the disasters going on in the world also gave me the hope that maybe we can learn wise leasons from the Corona crisis.
In the myth of Pandora’s box, Pandora eventually opens the box, releasing all the disasters that plague mankind. Pandora closes the box and prevents one gift from escaping. The last thing that remains in the box is hope, also known as Elpis. This track was inspired by that hope.

Elpis was released with a official video containing a message to the world.

My debut Solo EP Elpis (Pandora’s Theme) is was supported by, DJ W!SS, Kaeno, Victor Special, Paddy Kelly, Frank Watson, DJ Ten, Trancesession radio, Redux sessions, Mohamed Mebarki and many more.

Cover Eternal Resistance
Eternal resistance

Our collab Eternal restistance with FAWZY and Nuttalya released on State Control Records

The lyrics for Eternal Resistance are based on a very personal Poem written by Mohamed Faouzy. And adresses ofcourse the demons and fears we all have inside ourselves sometimes. Just by doing something new, you gain the skills to overcome your fears. This is what makes us strong.
On hearing the poem Nuttalya was immediately inspired and rushed to the studio and wrote the lyrics. Her heavenly voice completes these beautiful lyrics and vocal melody into a massive Vocal Trance track.

Cover Euphrosyne

Our track, Euphrosyne (Theme of Joy) and the remixes by Steve Dekay & Denis Sender were released on May 1st on Entrancing Music

Euphrosyne was one of the three Charites (Graces), the daughters of Zeus and Eurynome in the Greek mythology. Euphrosyne personified the goddess of beauty, joy and charm.

This track was produced by us before the Corona crisis but the timing of this track couldn’t be better. We hope it brings you the joy we al need so much in these dark times

Cover Anthem for the Ancient Kingdom
Anthem of the Ancient Kingdom

Our first track and my first release and the official anthem for Time4Trance #200.
The epic “Anthem Of The Ancient Kingdom”, is a powerful uplifter with early support from Artento Divini, Suzy Solar, Christopher Corrigan, Oliver Cattley, DJ WISS, Carlos Martz and many more. Profits from this release are being donated to Make-A-Wish Nederland, so your support on this is still greatly appreciated.