Pre-order deal! Time4Trance #250 jubileum T-Shirt

Reserveer ons Elevation Time4Trance #250 jubileum T-shirt alvast voordat ze uitkomen. De winst van deze actie zal worden gedoneerd aan de Make A Wish foundation.

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Elevation official Anthem for Time4Trance #250

With our 250th anniversary episode of Time4Trance coming up ofcourse there had to come a new Anthem. At the end of this year FAWZY and I worked together on the new Anthem and we named it Elevation. We are very proud that we found a home for the new Anthem at Digital Euphoria Recordings (a sublabel of Abora recordings).

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Trancefarm gives me goosbumps

I am still a rookie in the music field so when I release a new track I always get really excited and hope it will be supported by my fellow DJ’s and does well in the charts. But today I was blown away by the positive words that Erik Lake from TranceFarm wrote about my upcoming relase Holiday At Hintergarten.

Infectious energy

” Han’s original version of Holiday at Hintergarten is an energetic affair that teases the melody right from the get-go. A soothing piano takes you by the hand and leads you gently to the break, but with an uplifting and infectious energy.”

Eternal Resistance

The lyrics for our new massive vocal track Eternal Resistance are based on a very personal Poem written by Mohamed. And adresses ofcourse the demons and fears we all have inside ourselves sometimes. Just by doing something new, you gain the skills to overcome your fears. This is what makes us strong.

Studio session with Nuttalya

On hearing the poem Nuttalya was immediately inspired and rushed to the studio and wrote the catchy melody.
Her heavenly voice completes these beautiful lyrics into a massive Trance track.

Euphrosyne (Theme of Joy)

On may 1st Euphrosyne (Theme of Joy) was released on Entrancing.


Euphrosyne was one of the three Charites (Graces), the daughters of Zeus and Eurynome in the Greek mythology. Euphrosyne personified the godess of beauty, joy and charm.

This track was produced by us before the Corona crisis but the timing of this track couldn’t be better. We hope it brings you the joy we al need so much in these dark times.

We already received massive support by Paul van Dyk, Nathalie Gioia, Roman Messer, DJ Phalanx, Michael Milov, DJ Wiss and many more.

Massive support by Paul van Dyk

Elpis is available on all major music platforms just click on the link below to buy or listen on your favorite platform:

My First Track

And then finally that day arrives when the label sends over the banner for your first track ever published. Publishing a track has been a wish of mine for so long and now that wish has come true. I has been very hard to keep this queit because I wanted to shout it from the rooftops.

With the help from my good friend and producer FAWZY MUSIC and the support of Trancespired Recordings I am very proud to announce that “Anthem of the Ancient Kingdom” will be published soon on all your favorite music stores and streaming services. And what a track!!! This is a track that we believe will do damage on the dance floor for the coming decades. A track worthy of also being the Anthem for our 200th episode of Time4Trance in januari 2020.

Wait there is more

The proceeds of this track will go to “the Make a Wish foundation” Because “If a child can believe that his wish comes true, he can also believe that he is getting better”. THAT IS THE POWER OF A WISH JOURNEY.

Playing at Ibiza for the second time was magic agian

This Ibiza party season the famous Reverie events are not held at the Tropi Trance bar but due to circumtances they are held at the larger Tropicana club acros the road. I knew what to expect so I was not that nervous as last year. Lees verder “Playing at Ibiza for the second time was magic agian”

Time4Trance 2 year anniversary

2 years ago today I made the first pilot episode for #Time4Trance with help from Erik Rietvelt  and guest dj  Faith Mark And boy was I nervous back then. A lot has happened since then 😀. Lees verder “Time4Trance 2 year anniversary”

The first Time4Trance stage @ City Beats Festival but definitely not the last  

A few months ago I first received a message by Michiel Boon who is a local entrepeneur in Schoonhoven asking if I was interested in participating in the City Beats festival 2017 edition with our radioshow Time4Trance. Ofcourse my initial reaction was:

“are you kidin me? Yes ofcourse I am interested!!” Lees verder “The first Time4Trance stage @ City Beats Festival but definitely not the last  “

Playing at Ibiza was magic

The year has been amazing: a new year of Time4Trance, beeing on stage for the very first time and as a result lots of new booking ahead and to top it all off I got to play on the magical island of Ibiza. Friday night at the fittingly titled bar Tropi Trance Bar run by the famous Oscar Costa at his weekly Reverie night. I didn’t know what to expect. I had been to Ibiza many times for relax or party holiday’s but never to perform as a DJ.

It was magic

After a night out on the town and a nice day at the beach we rolled onto San Antoni to the Tropi Trance Bar. After a quick introduction with Oscar and the resident dj’s Sam Johnston and Samir I loaded my USB stick and started the first track. I had to open and nervous as I was I managed to build up my set as planned and after the first few tracks people started to enter the bar and slowly started to dance. I played for two and a half hours and they seem to fly buy. When I got of the stage I thought I was flying what an amazing feeling.

It was a dream come true. Please take me back