Playing at Ibiza for the second time was magic agian

This Ibiza party season the famous Reverie events are not held at the Tropi Trance bar but due to circumtances they are held at the larger Tropicana club acros the road. I knew what to expect so I was not that nervous as last year. Continue reading “Playing at Ibiza for the second time was magic agian”

Time4Trance 2 year anniversary

2 years ago today I made the first pilot episode for #Time4Trance with help from Erik Rietvelt  and guest dj  Faith Mark And boy was I nervous back then. A lot has happened since then 😀. Continue reading “Time4Trance 2 year anniversary”

The first Time4Trance stage @ City Beats Festival but definitely not the last  

A few months ago I first received a message by Michiel Boon who is a local entrepeneur in Schoonhoven asking if I was interested in participating in the City Beats festival 2017 edition with our radioshow Time4Trance. Ofcourse my initial reaction was:

“are you kidin me? Yes ofcourse I am interested!!” Continue reading “The first Time4Trance stage @ City Beats Festival but definitely not the last  “

Playing at Ibiza was magic

The year has been amazing: a new year of Time4Trance, beeing on stage for the very first time and as a result lots of new booking ahead and to top it all off I got to play on the magical island of Ibiza. Friday night at the fittingly titled bar Tropi Trance Bar run by the famous Oscar Costa at his weekly Reverie night. I didn’t know what to expect. I had been to Ibiza many times for relax or party holiday’s but never to perform as a DJ.

It was magic

After a night out on the town and a nice day at the beach we rolled onto San Antoni to the Tropi Trance Bar. After a quick introduction with Oscar and the resident dj’s Sam Johnston and Samir I loaded my USB stick and started the first track. I had to open and nervous as I was I managed to build up my set as planned and after the first few tracks people started to enter the bar and slowly started to dance. I played for two and a half hours and they seem to fly buy. When I got of the stage I thought I was flying what an amazing feeling.

It was a dream come true. Please take me back

Boyhood dream

I am so excited and grateful for this opportunity. Two years ago I bought a bedroom dj set and picked up an old hobby. 5 months later an old friend involved with RTV Krimpenerwaard asked if I wanted to start a radioshow for the new Radio and TV station. As my first choice in music is Trance this became Time4Trance. Within 1,5 years the show has grown out to be an internationaly supported radio show where we had several legends such as Faith Mark, Misja Helsloot, Willem de Roo, KO-C, Rhun, Marc den Heijer among others play live in the studio on our show. Continue reading “Boyhood dream”

Check our July calender for Time4Trance


This month we have lots of new DJ and Producer talent in the #Time4Trance studio:

  • 1 July Guestmix by SynFonic
  • 8 July Guestmix by Carolin
  • 15 July Guestmix by Bjorn Akesson
  • 22 July Guestmix by Dj Yxam
  • 29 July Guestmix by Mike Dyson

Show starts at 23:00h and you can listen live on or enjoy our podcast at a later date on soundcloud and iTunes

Time4Trance podcast now also available on Itunes

The Time4Trance episodes are now also available as podcast on ITunes.

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Trance DJ’s wanted

Recently I exprimented with free radio on the internet. Altough it was a fun trial I found it hard to get listeners and especially to get them to stay listening to the station.

Once in a lifetime

But it is funny when one door closes another opens. Recently a new oppurtunity regarding radio opened up. I got a call from an old neighboor who appearntly listens to my Trance mixtapes on soundcloud and asked me if I ever considered doing a radio show for a local radio station RTV krimpenerwaard. After a personal meeting we decided to make a pilot episode and you can imagine my brain hasn’t stopped thinking ever since.

I had no experience making a live radio show but my love for Trance music and marketing mindset immediatly  said YESS!!! This is one of those “Once in a lifetime” opportunities you just have to explore.

Trance DJ’s wanted

So here I am 5 episodes of Time 4 Trance further and asking befriended DJ’s such as Faith Mark, DJ Ries, Ruben Verhagen and Rhun if they want to participate by coming into the studio and mixing live or sending in a exclusive 30 minute mix. At this moment I have enough dj’s to last me a few episodes but looking ahead we are still looking for those trance dj’s that want their shot at the 30 minute live mix slot in our radio show “Time4Trance“.

Here is your chance!! if you are a DJ member of the #TranceFamily and live in the neighbourhood and this is something you would love to do please leave a message below or on our Facebook fan page . Ofcourse if you don’t live in the neighbourhood but have a 30 minute Trance guestmix that you want us to air on the show please feel free to drop us a line so we can give you the link where to send your mix too.