Han Beukers

Han Beukers was born in Rotterdam in 1966 and since an early age, he listened to the soul show and mixes of Ben Liebrand on the radio. Thus the dream of becoming a dj began to develop at an early age. In the 1980’s he spent many hours, with his mate Vincent,  listening and buying the latest new import records at Hotsound in Rotterdam where he also witnessed the birth of the house at and later the trance music. During that time they regularly played at school parties under the artist name of “Studio1999”. His sales and marketing career in Telecom & ICT brought him a different path during that time.

His passion for the Uplifting Trance music was born when Ferry Corsten played the track Out of the Blue (Violin edit) at Trance Energy. Throughout the years and thanks to the many (Dance & Trance) festivals, the dj booth continued to attract. In the summer of 2015 he refuled his old hobby and dream by buying a Numark DJ set. The mixes he made as a bedroom dj were picked up by RTV Krimpenerwaard and in February of 2016 he launched a weekly radio show called Time4Trance. The fan base of this live radio show is steadily growing.

Boyhood dream

His enthusiasm for the Trance music and mixing did not remain unnoticed and in 2017 Han gets his shot at his boyhood dream with some live performances at; Grotesque, Have Faith in Trance, Reverie Events at the Tropi Trance Bar on Ibiza, Trance cafe and City Beats, Trance Academy and Passion for Progressive & Trance and on august 9th 2018 he made his return to Ibiza playing at Trance-Formation 

In these past years he shared the stage with Dj’s like Sean Tyas, Richard Durand, Misja Helsloot, Johan Gielen, Alex M.O.R.P.H. , John OCallaghan, XiJaro & Pitch, Artento Divini, Davey Asprey, Adam Seller, Philippe El Sisi, KO-C, Faith Mark, Fady & Mina, Amos & Riot Night, Marc van Gale, Swen van der Endt, Tim Verkruissen Darren Summers, Steph Mc Donald and many more..


His first track “Anthem of The Ancient Kingdom” was a collab together with FAWZY and was released on december 6th 2019 on Trancespired Recordings. In may 2020 Their second collab saw the daylight and received massive support.

In the first part of 2021 the beautiful tracks Agnieszka (released on We Are Trance) and Exlunda (released on Heavens’Gate) which were two huge milestones for Han. The biggest milestone in 2021 was when the Hel:sløwed remix of his track warriors (with Waves on Waves) was supported on A State of Trance 1043. Motivated to shower you with lots more Uplifting and Progressive music in 2022 keep an eye on Han’s Spotify profile.


His tracks have been supported by Aly & Fila, Paul van Dyk, Solarstone, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Natalie Gioia, Sean Tyas, Roman Messer, Johan Gielen, Madwave, Daniel Skyver, Misja Helsloot, Artento Divini, Boris Foong, Rydex, Danny Grunow, DJ Phalanx, Paddy Kelly, Spark & Shade, Kaeno, Tycos, Michael Milov, Northpole, Ayham52 and many others.


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