Eternal Resistance

The lyrics for our new massive vocal track Eternal Resistance are based on a very personal Poem written by Mohamed. And adresses ofcourse the demons and fears we all have inside ourselves sometimes. Just by doing something new, you gain the skills to overcome your fears. This is what makes us strong.

Studio session with Nuttalya

On hearing the poem Nuttalya was immediately inspired and rushed to the studio and wrote the catchy melody.
Her heavenly voice completes these beautiful lyrics into a massive Trance track.

Elpis (Pandora’s Theme)

All the disasters going on in the world (before and during the Corona crisis) also gave me the hope that maybe we as humanity can learn from this. This hope inspired me for the track Elpis.
In the myth of Pandora’s box, Pandora eventually opens the box, releasing all the disasters that plague mankind. Pandora closes the box and prevents one gift from escaping. The last thing that remains in the box is hope, also known as Elpis. This track was inspired by that hope.

Elpis was also released with a official video containing a message to the world.

Official video Elpis (Pandoar’s Theme)

My message to the world

Find creative ways to work through tough situations. Look for a peaceful solution when you bump into a problem. Try to see the other person’s point of view. Learn to look and see beyond the limitations that you put there and seem real to you. Try to push past those boundaries by empowering yourself.

Elpis is available on all major music platforms just click on the link to buy or listen on your favorite platform


  • Some images used taken from pexel
  • My beautiful wife: Gerda de Jong who always has my back and plays a small role in this video Love You
  • Mohamed Faouzy who helped me empower myself with producing music
  • Peter Herrmann-Cederquist who had the confidence in me to sign this track to their label Nrgized Audio
  • You all – My fans – without you I could do this!!