My First Track

And then finally that day arrives when the label sends over the banner for your first track ever published. Publishing a track has been a wish of mine for so long and now that wish has come true. I has been very hard to keep this queit because I wanted to shout it from the rooftops.

With the help from my good friend and producer FAWZY MUSIC and the support of Trancespired Recordings I am very proud to announce that “Anthem of the Ancient Kingdom” will be published soon on all your favorite music stores and streaming services. And what a track!!! This is a track that we believe will do damage on the dance floor for the coming decades. A track worthy of also being the Anthem for our 200th episode of Time4Trance in januari 2020.

Wait there is more

The proceeds of this track will go to “the Make a Wish foundation” Because “If a child can believe that his wish comes true, he can also believe that he is getting better”. THAT IS THE POWER OF A WISH JOURNEY.