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Ofcourse I was inspired bij Armin when making our radioshow Time4Trance. And as we have just recently celebrated our 150th anniversary episode on February 23rd Armin and Ruben are celebrating their 900th episode. WOW What an achievement!!

Anthem special

We want to congratulate Armin and Ruben and their team with this milestone by doing a 2 hour special on episode 156 at february the 22nd. In the first hour we will bring you the Uplifting and Magic Trance sound from the years 2009 and 2010 around ASOT 400 and ASOT 450 (halfway) And in the 2nd hour we have set all the ASOT anthem tracks in 1 mix for you.

History of A State of Trance

The 1st ever episode of the ASOT radioshow was on 01 June 2001. Episodes 050 (30 May 2002), 100 (05 June 2003), 150 (27 May 2004), weren’t celebrate as Armin does now aday’s. He just enjoyed the episode like any other. On episode 100 and 151 he invited some guests. Episode 200 was on 09 June 2005 and for that milestone hed celebrated with a 2-hour megamix of most the requested tracks at the time.

When the show celebrated its 5 year anniversarry on (25 May 2006) Armin did a 8 Hour Live Episode 250 from Asta, The Hague, The Netherlands. Then a year later for Episode 300 on 17 May 2007 they they celebrated on a beautiful little star-shaped island known as Pettelaarse Schans in The Netherlands.

On 01 May 2008 the trend as we now it now was started with a club event at Club NOXX in Antwerp and a live broadcast from 20:00 to 05:00h CET. In Episode 400 he stepped up his game with an unheard 72-hour celebration starting 16 April 2009, This milestone included three nights of live broadcasting from the three different cities in 3 different countries – Germany, the UK, and The Netherlands.

With this a solid foundation was laid for the massive expansion to the ASOT as we know now.

  • Episode 450 (broadcast 09 April 2010) four different locations – Toronto, New York for two nights, Bratislava, and Wroclaw. This was also the first edition with an anthem.

Live set Armin van Buuren at A State of Trance 450

And the list goes on

  • ASOT Episode 500 (broadcast 17 March 2011) 5 continents. Events at Johannesburg, Miami, Buenos Aires, Den Bosch, and Sydney.
  • ASOT Episode 550 01 March 2012 until 31 March in London, Moscow, Kiev, Los Angeles, Miami, and Den Bosch.
  • ASOT Episode 600, 15 February 2013 to April in 2013 Madrid, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Minsk, Sofia, Beirut, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Miami, Guatemala City, New York and Den Bosch.
  • ASOT Episode 650 from 31 January 2014 through 30 March 2014. Cities: Almaty, Yekaterinburg, Utrecht, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and Miami.
  • ASOT Episode 700 touched down in Sydney, Melbourne, Utrecht, Miami, Buenos Aires, Mumbai, and Mexico City. From 29 January 2015 on to 10 October 2015.
  • ASOT Episode 750, broadcast 28 January 2016 and scaled back the tour to three cities – Toronto (30 January 2016), Utrecht (27 February 2016), and Miami (20 March 2016).
  • ASOT Episode 800 on 18 February 2017 in Utrecht. The actual 700th episode was broadcasted on 26 January 2017
  • ASOT Episode 850 0n 17 February 2018 in Utrecht and Time4Trance was invited to come and does some interviews with Jorn van Deynhoven, Radion6 and THNK. ASOT 850 was also celebrated also in cities such as Gilwice, Sydney Bankok,

Time4Trance at ASOT 850

Time4Trance at ASOT 850 part 1

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