Playing at Ibiza for the second time was magic agian

This Ibiza party season the famous Reverie events are not held at the Tropi Trance bar but due to circumtances they are held at the larger Tropicana club acros the road. I knew what to expect so I was not that nervous as last year.

It was magic again

This year my wife and I decided to plan our holiday on the island around me playing at Trance-Formation on Ibiza. We arrived on tuesday and after a wednesday night out at the Namaste party at Las Dalias and a nice day at the beach that thrusday we drove onto San Antoni to the Tropicana club. After a quick introduction with Steph Mc Donald the residant dj this year and a warm welcome by Oscar we had a drink and waited my turn. At 22:30h it was my turn to take over and as I loaded my USB stick and started the first track the club started filling up. Not much later people where starting to move and the dance floor slowly filled.

Filling the dance floor

I played for one and a half hours and they seem to fly buy. When I got of the stage I thought I was flying what an amazing feeling. Esspecially when multiple clubbers wanted to take a selfie with me and thanked me for an amazing set including the dj after me Darren Summers. We had had some contact beforehand regarding track build up. For those who played at a  Reverie event and know Oscar’s rule (no 138 before midnight) I had brought the tempo from 130 to a nice 135 BPM with some nice Trance energy in the room so Darren just had to take it from there. As far as I am concerned Week 6 at Tropicana was succes and gave me a new boost of confidence to keep chasing this dream.

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