My first photo shoot

Recently I did my first professional photo shoot. Most of you will probably ask, “Why in the hell do you have a photo shoot of yourself?” And I totally get that you ask that question. Standing in front of the camera can be quite awkward if you are not a professional model. So why do it?

Because, as a Marketing professional and DJ, images can be a crucial for engagement on social media and your website. And as a starting DJ you are often asked for your Presskit to use on marketing material for the events you get booked to play. People love to see pictures with every content and as a marketing professional I know people rather “read” stories with images, than with lots of text.

How it all came about

But knowing this and acting accordingly was not high on my personal priority list. So when I spoke to my old classmate Linda Vermeijs and discussed her new website for her photostudio Xidsign and gave her some marketing tips and tricks she immediately responded with the question: “Is your press kit finished yet”? So when I admitted this was not the case she told me she followed me on Facebook and Instagram and was proud that I was doing too well as a starting Dj. She offered to make the great pictures of my press kit in exchange for some more online marketing consultancy. A huge fan of the favor for a favor principle I accepted her offer.

A few weeks later, Linda sends me a question “So what are you looking for?”. And when she got the feeling I was still reluctant on the photshoot and had no idea what I wanted her follow up question was just sending me pictures of celebrities you like. So I send her two black and white pictures as an example.

The photo shoot

First of all, a HUGE “thank you,” goes out to Linda and her partner in crime Ellen with Xidsign Photography. From the start when I walked into the studio they made me feel at ease. Of course I offered to share my marketing tips and knowledge first so I could postpone that awkward moment where you have to stand in front of that camera.  

But once we started Ellen followed us around all during the shoot, snagging the action images from different angles. And Linda was doing the actual shoot and coming up with brilliant tips, ideas to capture exactly what I was looking for. These ladies can make you feel at ease and make me laugh so the photo’s would look like I was a natural PME Legend poster boy. We were going for the WaylonLook ;).

The end result

And today I received the end result and wow they are amazing.

You can download my full dj presskit here (mail or app me for the pasword)

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