The first Time4Trance stage @ City Beats Festival but definitely not the last  

A few months ago I first received a message by Michiel Boon who is a local entrepeneur in Schoonhoven asking if I was interested in participating in the City Beats festival 2017 edition with our radioshow Time4Trance. Ofcourse my initial reaction was:

“are you kidin me? Yes ofcourse I am interested!!”

As soon as possible I pitched my plan to the board of RTV Krimpenerwaard- being:

  • Fill a Time4Trance stage @ City Beats on Friday september 1st;
  • and broadcasting both nights (september 1 and 2nd) with a local studio on location at the festival.

After a few months when the final YES came back I rushed to fill the line up and made some calls to my fellow RTV radio dj’s. Their reactions were very positive and what was once just a plan became reality  Time4Trance was no longer just a radioshow playing Trance music:

The first Time4Trance stage was born

And then finally on September 1st it was the first time our radio show grew into a fullblown Time4Trance stage at the City Beats festival and it was a BLAST.

I want to thank all who played or cooperated on making this first edition of the Time4Trance (Toilet) Stage at City Beats festival and the live broadcasting of it such a succes. Please find below some pictures, video’s and the live broadcast:



RTV Krimpenerwaard also made a TV reportage of the Festival:

If you want to relive the Time4Trance stage at the City Beats festival please find below the full broadcast


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