Trance DJ’s wanted

Recently I exprimented with free radio on the internet. Altough it was a fun trial I found it hard to get listeners and especially to get them to stay listening to the station.

Once in a lifetime

But it is funny when one door closes another opens. Recently a new oppurtunity regarding radio opened up. I got a call from an old neighboor who appearntly listens to my Trance mixtapes on soundcloud and asked me if I ever considered doing a radio show for a local radio station RTV krimpenerwaard. After a personal meeting we decided to make a pilot episode and you can imagine my brain hasn’t stopped thinking ever since.

I had no experience making a live radio show but my love for Trance music and marketing mindset immediatly  said YESS!!! This is one of those “Once in a lifetime” opportunities you just have to explore.

Trance DJ’s wanted

So here I am 5 episodes of Time 4 Trance further and asking befriended DJ’s such as Faith Mark, DJ Ries, Ruben Verhagen and Rhun if they want to participate by coming into the studio and mixing live or sending in a exclusive 30 minute mix. At this moment I have enough dj’s to last me a few episodes but looking ahead we are still looking for those trance dj’s that want their shot at the 30 minute live mix slot in our radio show “Time4Trance“.

Here is your chance!! if you are a DJ member of the #TranceFamily and live in the neighbourhood and this is something you would love to do please leave a message below or on our Facebook fan page . Ofcourse if you don’t live in the neighbourhood but have a 30 minute Trance guestmix that you want us to air on the show please feel free to drop us a line so we can give you the link where to send your mix too.