Making EDM music is not as easy as it looks

Often people will say ooo making music is easy now a days. Just buy a computer and some software and you get the soundpools, drumloops en SFX for free.
The later part of that is true but let me tell you it is NOT easy!! Trust me I am trying 😉

Sure I can throw together some drums, leads and hihats and mix in some fx but that does not make the new dance or deep house hit. Composing it to a smooth sounding track and giving that specific sound that is unmistakenly YOU? that is the hard part and takes not only skills but a talent and an ear for composition.Music maker software

Effort and time

Add to this that you need to figure out what type of effect and how much to add to a certain synthesizer, compression or not?. Or even fidling with how many bars the intro should be. Developing this knowledge takes effort and time to perfect. EDM producers like Afrojack, Martin Garrix and Armin van Buuren have spent so much of time and effort to fully understand these practices and techniques that I’ll bet you not even Mozart will be able ‘to compete with these guys nowadays.So the more you understand sound and music the more you will be succesfull at EDM Production.

Musical background
Many EDM producers played in bands before and often not playing electronic dance music. Armin van Buuren was born into a musicall family. Afrojack began playing the piano at age five, but after getting his hands on a copy of music-sequencing program Fruity Loops, he started to play around with samples and creating his own songs. Skrillex was originally the singer for the Metal-Screamo band “From First To Last”.

New Years resolution
So for me not having any music background I decided to start with the beginning: learning to play an instrument – keyboard in my case. 2016 will be my year of discovering my skills for playing the ebony and Ivory …. to be continued 😉

I wish everybody a merry Xmas and a happy and Musical New Year

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