Beatport pro app for windows

Recently I received an email from Beatport regarding the new offline beatport pro for windows app. With this new app it is possible to reinvent your complete music. Ofcourse Nerd that I am I immediately downloaded a version and imported my music library.

My first impresion is: what a great app to set up my set playlists. After working with it for a few days I found out before you can set up a good playlist there is alot of manual labor in ranking my music (for mood, event, vocal, Venue and set time) track by track. Ofcourse I also found out that arranging music is an incredibly personal thing; Two people will never organise their music in exactly the same way. Screen-Shot-beatport pro

One of the concerns I have is interoperability with Serato DJ. DJ software like Serato comes with built-in library organisation features but is not fully featured.

The coming weeks I will update you on my findings

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